Founder of the agency, Zanna sings, plays guitar and composes from an early age. Her first solo album received three Nominations for the 2017 Latin Grammys, including Best Brazilian Music Album. Among the most popular tracks on Spotify are “Vento de Praia Nordeste” and “Menina de Vento”, part of the soundtrack for the soap opera “Orgulho e Paixão” (Globo TV). She is the voice of Rio de Janeiro’s subway system and composer of its music theme, a constant presence in graduation parties throughout the city. The artist also published the book “Sound Branding, the sonorous life of brands”.


Hit Maker

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Zanna studied lyric singing, composed, arranged, and recorded the albums “Voyage to Brazilia” and “Karmalions” with the Bossa Nostra band during the years she lived abroad in Europe. One of the tracks, “Jackie”, became a hit in the Acid Jazz scene and was added to international compilations. “Inverno”, another song composed by her, followed the same path. The singer-songwriter and her Italian band had the honor of opening the show for American pianist and composer Herbie Hancock, a jazz master, during his performance at the celebrated Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.


Solo Flight

The solo album “Zanna” was produced by Moogie Canazio between Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles, California. It had string arrangements signed by Eduardo Souto Neto and featured great MPB musicians such as Jorge Elder, Milton Guedes, Marcelo Costa, Jaime Alem and Rildo Hora. A second version for the track “Inverno” also featured the American trumpeter Dan Fornero.


Sound Branding

With Sound Branding, Zanna transcends the boundaries of sonic experience, brand communication, and positions herself in the realm of art. The track Eu, composed for Eudora of Grupo Boticário, is featured on her solo album. From the beginning, she has been composing instrumental themes and dreams of recording an album inspired by the aesthetics of the 1970s with a contemporary touch, much like the themes she created for GRU Airport, MetrôRio, the theme of VLT, and other vocals such as the one she crafted for L’Occitane Au Brésil.

In the book Sound Branding – The Sonic Life Of Brands (Ed. Matrix, 2015), the first of its kind in Latin America, Zanna documents the methodology of Sound Branding and shares numerous cases that the agency has brought to life in its 15 years of existence.

Download Sound Branding: The Sonic Life of Brands (PDF)

At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, the artist produced a music video with the participation of almost 100 people. The participants sent scenes of their lives recorded with smartphones using the song “Se” (from the Zanna album) as background music, which invites the question: “What if we stop…?” She prepares the second solo album.

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