How are we going to deal with the changes that are happening simultaneously in these times of crisis, disagreements, opposition, wars, global warming, the environment, fascism, diseases, sexuality, gender, formats, pacts, family crisis, contracts, monogamy, economy and migrations of people? Not even our social systems work anymore. We’re all caught up in one of the most revolutionary waves of change ever experienced. Beautiful! Necessary! We seem to have been chosen to be here at this turning point.


On one side are those who demand the end of the old system, while you have the extremists who are scared to death of the new on the other. On the other side is a world of possibilities, lightness, and the awareness that “New times always follow” and “nothing will ever be the same”. Never. A legion of people, entities, and ETs are rising inside and outside the planet, vibrating differently and resonating with the new humanity. They are musicians, artists, filmmakers, sociologists, astrologers, psychologists, small farmers, liberal professionals, movements, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), organizations, groups, women, LGBTQIA+, scientists, servers and the list goes on and on. Thousands of organizations and people are waking up and supporting this revolution without weapons, the human consciousness.

 But who are the catalysts that design the vibration networks of change? — 

The film industry has the power to produce new meanings and realities, serve the table of the mass of ways, possibilities, thoughts, and discussions, it can name subjectivities so that they reach more people. The new world is no longer just a possibility, for many it is already a reality. Who are they?


Looking at how Coldplay are rallying mobs of people from around the world on their current tour, especially here in Brazil, you can see what is happening from another world. Their music has an interesting element, which I define as – the desire to fly -. The music that provokes this feeling in people is vibrating at the high frequencies of joy, love, and gratitude and is absolutely revolutionary. That simple!

The interaction that the band and especially Chris Martin had in the streets, in offices, and contact with other musicians was much more than music, it promotes a kind of global humanitarian movement. This world is not the same as the world of wars, fake news, hatred, disinformation, shadows, and heinous crimes, these events are already tuned to another dimension, they are expressions of the youth. And what are we even talking about? Of music!


In the last performance of the Brazil tour (Rock in Rio) in Rio de Janeiro, he invited Seu Jorge, Hamilton de Holanda, and Milton Nascimento, where they sang Maria Maria. The audience sees through this message that comes from a fine and real woman: one must have strength without losing your charm because those who carry the Maria Maria brand on their bodies mix pain and joy, shadow and light that update our human experience.


It’s not some verbal, visual, or mental content, we’re talking about a powerful collective vibration that is already within everyone’s reach, just connect to it through music, the one that makes you want to fly and share with others.

It is these artists who draw crowds to these high frequencies, which have the ability to change the vibration of the planet in a spectacular energetic upheaval, leading us into the future.

We are what we hear