I research and create projects that connect sounds to people for years. I imagined and learned that sounds can transform a society. It has been my purpose. In all this time, I’ve had many of the infinite possibilities sound can give us. Sound creates and is in everything that exists. It’s the key that gives access to unknown worlds.

Our unconscious, for instance, is one of those universes that we barely understand and still have so much to unravel. Researchers say we still haven’t accessed even 3% of our brain. If even having such a limited access to it we can still create music, write and imagine fantastic realities, just think of how much information we would be mobilizing if we increased this by, let’s say, 3%? Sounds help us access this immense and unknown inner world, connecting to our ancestry, with laws and forces of the universe that science has yet to determine.

The latest theory of physics states that the tiniest particles contained in the atom are the strings, the frequencies, the musical notes. We are music and poetry made of matter. And that’s something I’ve been saying and repeating all along.


That is also why we need to find our own internal music, sing, try instruments, observe the frequencies we use in our voice, the sounds around us, the words we speak and see what else we can connect with. What songs do we like to listen to?

In the early days, we imitated the sounds of animals. Then we assigned meanings to the sounds, created new languages, dialects. Each one with its own melody, signature frequency, aesthetics, symphonies, all embodied in the linguistics of different peoples, therefore translating their cultures, beliefs, realities and everything else that surrounds them. Sounds are very powerful. In ancient times, poems were used as spells, words were chosen to carry enchantments.

Ritmo – Harmonia – Melodia
Verbo – Intenção – Manifestação


The origin of the word ‘poetry’ comes from the Greek “poiesis”, which means ‘to create’ or ‘to do’. The action to do something. Creation happens through the verb, the sound of the word (and God said “Let there be light”). We are poetic beings, capable of creating. The universe is one single great poetry. Creation is a poem. And poetry lives in the same codes as music.

I learned that verbalized desire can materialize reality. Me, you, everyone can create music without knowing how and therefore shaping the potentials of our souls. There’s no good or bad music. There is music for different types of people and moods. The same is true for the sound of our voice and the verbs we choose to speak. A word is sound, it’s creation. We need to become owners of what we say, because these songs, these words, fill our world from within and outside and make up the symphony of our life.

Try it!

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