Sound is all there is. Vibrations are sounds expressed through frequencies over time. Life itself is sound. The manifested sound is life followed by silence. Sounds like I’m talking poetry, right? Physics is also poetry.


Based on Physics, there need to be two particles that knock on each other to generate vibrational waves. However, “there would be no sound if there were no silence”, as Lulu Santos says. Silence is not the absence of sound but the sum of it all.

Wouldn’t sound and silence have the same origin and would they be complementary? Shadow is the absence of light, the day is a consequence of the night, and the pause is part of the music. A moment of silence in the music makes room for an endless low key. Imagine in life.


Do you understand the difference between vibration and frequency? These concepts became clearer to me when I found some images. Throwing a stone into a lake forms small waves, those are the vibrations. The frequencies are the duration of each ripple. The time it takes between the summit and the base. When the lake becomes flat again, the vibration did not cease to exist, but it was the frequency that could no longer be perceived. There is only static vibration.

Everything that exists vibrates, like the waves of the lake. My way of finding creation and transformation is through sound. When the lake absorbs the waves and the movement is silent, there is harmony and fullness.

All bodies seek harmony. While melody, harmony, rhythm are being presented in the introduction, development, tension, and resolution of a musical work, for example, the brain seeks to understand and adapt. When the performance is over and silence comes, the mind relaxes.

In our life, the moment of chaos is the moment of creation, of sound. And chaos seeks the harmony that is in silence. But if contemplation gets tired, understanding leads to movement, which leads to chaos and so on, forever. Silence is the catalyst for this orchestra.



Those who listen in silence have more ability to understand everything, have a broader perception, and have more possibilities to find answers.

Have you ever seen a great corporate leader, a revolutionary physicist, a philosopher, or an ordinary person who earns the respect of their community by talking too much?

A musician only practices his profession with quality if he is a detailed listener. By listening well to what other individuals and their instruments are playing, in addition to following the rhythm of the collective performance, the good musician can create, improvise and interpret while playing in harmony with the rest of the group.

Sounds are vibrations picked up by certain individuals according to the complexity of their hearing aids, according to their evolution. What makes listening possible is the ability of the inner ear to vibrate. The brain interprets these vibrations as sounds. In the forest, the spider, the monkey, the plants will perceive the sound of a falling tree with intensity and in different ways.


When I make a sound, I generate a pattern, I am determining a specific vibration. But when I pause my instrument, I have every possible sonic possibility in front of me, an entire lake.


All the sounds we use, sing, speak are experience, transformation, patterns, movements. Silence is the absorption, the understanding, the integration of experience, both are essential to our development.

Everything vibrates and when all the forces of this vibration add up, you cannot hear just one. The union of all sounds equals zero, silence!


Where does sound end and silence begin? Our perception of time is conditioned by the cycle of birth and death. Our life span is an average of 80 years. A symphony with the introduction in childhood, development in adolescence, the presentation of the chorus in adulthood, the special with calm or tense moments in old age, and death, when the pause comes followed by the final chord, which is expected to be comforting.

The problem is when life ends on that tense chord that the brain goes crazy to find the note that resolves the conflict and can let the music die in silence and peace!

We need to talk about the new world