GRU Airport

The country's gateway

Zanna Agency created the soundtrack for the meetings and farewells of travelers who enter and depart from Brazil. Sound Branding for GRU Airport unites the chic world of the cello to a retro pop beat that adds personality to the music theme. The sound logo concept of Guarulhos Airport, which anticipates all the messages heard, is the most striking melodic cell. The brand voice characteristics indicate the path in a light and elegant way. The result is affective memories tied to the experience and willingness to fly!

Zanna talks about GRU Airport


"The country's largest airport was perceived in surveys as a cold giant of concrete. When we sought out Zanna Sound, we had the immense challenge of creating emotional experiences in its spaces. We succeeded—people adore the music."

Nicolau Maranini

Marketing Manager at GRU Airport

MetrôRio’s Sound Branding, carried out by Zanna Agency, showed the extraordinary impact of sound design as a communication tool in transport strategy. Creating the music theme for the country’s entrance and exit, a place that demands constant readiness and sometimes implies long waits, was an important challenge. We created a branding with sound and identity at the time Guarulhos Airport became GRU Airport. It was the first airport in Brazil to have a sound trademark. That atmosphere needed humanization, affection. To develop an integrated Sound Branding example, we started by designing the strategy through its most striking personality attributes:


Musical theme and sound logo

The main need for the brand and its ambiance was lightness. We wanted a sound trademark that would help dissolve the image that Guarulhos Airport is an imposing and cold place. Thus, we composed an instrumental, acoustic, delicate, current Music Branding with retro touches, bringing the fluency of Burt Bacharach and the swing of Sérgio Mendes. The sound trademark worked perfectly with a space where so many people from different cultures converge and travel altogether. The classical cello has a contemporary demeanor while the trumpet and Hawaiian guitar give charm and relax the environment. We create the sound logo from the music theme. It’s a sound that inspires travel and high spirits at the same time.

Brand voice

The brand voice and personality adjectives have a feminine, informal and educated tone with a slight São Paulo accent. The casting was conducted in São Paulo to maintain the authenticity of a local voice. Simone Kliass is the one who embodies the brand and speaks to passengers.

The country’s press welcomed the project. The newspaper Folha de S. Paulo gave its front page space to the project in the Sunday edition. After 24 hours, the video on YouTube had 50,000 hits. To this day, we still get positive feedback from Guarulhos Airport users, reporting how our Music Branding has positively impacted their journeys. This, by the way, is something we love.

Article from Meio e Mensagem


brand workshops
music theme, sound logo and brand voice
Sound UX
airport messages, call waiting and institutional videos.


Box, cajon and percussion
Carlos Cezar
Emerson Mardhine
Hugo Pilger
Steel guitar, lap steel, ukulele
João Gaspar
Rodrigo Sha
Altair Martins
Maycon Ananias
Composition, arrangements and vocals
Brand voice
Simone Kliass
Executive producer
Tati Botafogo
Marketing director
Monica Lamas