St Marche

Sound experience

An innovative place asks for an equally unique and pleasurable experience. In September 2012, we started to design the sound logo, Music and Sound Branding strategy and ideas for the retail space of St Marche supermarkets, in São Paulo. The first goal was to define the ambiance, the brand voice, tone and personality that would follow the journey of its special clientele through the 16 stores of the brand, all of them located in noble neighborhoods of São Paulo such as Brooklyn, Alphaville, Higienópolis and Mooca. Currently the exclusive playlist we made for St Marche is heard in its 21 stores and Empório Santa Maria units.

Zanna talks about St Marche


"Zanna Sound is an integral part of St. Marche. Music contributes significantly to the shopping experience. The music we had before in the stores was random and disconnected from our brand. When we chose Zanna's curation, aligned with the brand, customers reacted very positively. Today, they are passionate and even request the playlist to play at their events at home."

Bernardo Ouro Preto

Co-founder of St. Marche

Zanna Agency was given all the strategic freedom needed to create the Music and Sound Branding strategy for St. Marche. We built a group with the participation of founders Victor Leal and Bernardo Ouro Preto to understand the brand’s spirit, attributes and personality. We then understood that if it were a person, St. Marche would be a 38-year-old man, married, entrepreneur, living in São Paulo and fond of what is good. Its most significant attributes are:


Music and Sound Branding

Just as St Marche values the selection for their items, every phonogram heard inside its stores has been carefully handpicked. Keeping the brand personality and tone characteristics in mind, we established the musical territories with their ideal traits: melodic jazz, acoustic pop, chamber music and light arrangements of Villa-Lobos, Bach and Vivaldi. And also the delicious proximity of Brazilian music, which goes from “Chorinho” to current artists such as Céu, Marisa Monte, Celso Fonseca and Tulipa Ruiz to classic acts such as Novos Baianos and Mutantes, that keep a modern feel for the longest period of time.

Playlist Spotify St Marche

Brand voice and tone

As soon as you enter a St Marche grocery store, the customer is embraced by ambiance while the spots and messages play in a light and integrated way. The brand voice is the singer and songwriter Zanna, who recorded the voiceovers for the messages played inside the stores, as well as pieces for advertising and social media. Voice is the most powerful tool to embody the brand, humanize it and connect it with people.

Sound UX

We created the tracks and the advertising voiceovers as well as the St Marche Radio, which has a carefully curated programming for a very complex environment, at the same time it’s closely aligned with the brand, the audience, products, lighting, materials and the experience as a whole.



More than any research, the best proof is seeing people’s spontaneous involvement with music. On St Marche, customers ask the store managers and workers to access our musical selection in order to listen at their own homes! It is available on Spotify on St Marche.


branded workshops
Music Branding, Sound Branding, brand voice and tone
Sound UX
St Marche radio, spots and messages, voiceover and tracks for advertising.
Zanna Music Play
proprietary software for the creation of corporate radios for stores and high-performance physical spaces.


Junior Moraes
creative direction, planning, and voice over
executive producer
Tati Botafogo
information technology (IT)
Estevão Bruno
St Marche marketing manager
Roberta Becker