We are the first Sound Branding agency in Brazil. The pioneers in considering sound as a strategic tool in communication. We create sound identities that emotionally connect people to brands through music. We are a reference, recognized for our vision, internationally awarded projects, such as the best Sound Branding case by the Audio Branding Academy [ABA] in Germany, three Latin Grammy nominations, and prestigious invitations from Columbia University in the USA and the Cannes Festival in France, where we spoke about the positive influence of sound on the life of brands.

Zanna talks about the agency



In a world where survival still dominates the agenda, healing through the senses may seem like a luxury. However, envisioning the evolution of humanity through the refinement of sensory stimuli is the key to the change urgently needed in all fields of society. We work for the future, where utopias come true. Our purpose is to create sound experiences in collective living spaces, where brands are also embedded, to produce happiness, positive emotions, replace oppressive and violent noise pollution with the relieved breath of sounds that evoke positive feelings, and ultimately elevate people’s frequency through the sensations that music promotes.


We are a multidisciplinary team of composers, arrangers, music producers, sound engineers, instrumentalists, voice professionals (singers, announcers), branding strategists, planners, writers, and more. We come together with the task of occupying a new space – the air – and a new sense of the audience – hearing – through the expressive transmission of sound waves.


ZANNA - Creation and Planning

A Rio native with experiences in Europe and the United States, where she recorded albums and opened shows at the Montreux Jazz Festival for Herbie Hancock and Morcheeba. A Cancerian, surfer, cyclist, and founder of Zanna Sound agency, she is the renowned voice of the Rio metro, ViaQuatro, ViaMobilidade of the São Paulo metro, and the airports of Infraero. Her debut solo album received three Latin Grammy nominations, including Best MPB Album. In addition to being a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and arranger, she is an author and published the first book in Latin America to discuss sound branding: Sound Branding – The sonorous life of brands.


TATI BOTAFOGO - VP of Production

A Rio native born into an artistic family, a Gemini, and mother of Clarinha. She loves music, books, biking to the beach, good food, and meaningful conversations. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, production, audiovisuals, and events, she has worked for major companies in the market and advertising agencies.


JUNIOR MORAES - Head of Creation

A Taurus who loves a cold beer, he ensures that the branding strategy designed for the client translates into playlists – the ambient music that defines the atmosphere of sonorized stores. A percussionist and drummer, producer, musical product specialist, developer of musical instruments and equipment. He has been part of various bands, accompanied and recorded with relevant artists in the Brazilian music scene, with victories and Latin Grammy nominations. Actively connected to technology, he is a national reference in electronic percussion. An active researcher in the preservation of the history and recognition of cultural creators.


Zanna Sound was founded in 2007 out of a discomfort experienced by its founder, Zanna. Living in the United States, she was perplexed by the disparity between the sterile and careful visual and the chaotic and poor audio. Provoked by this discrepancy in communication media, she envisioned an instrument that could create affections and culture through sound. Thus, Sound Branding was born, and with it, the agency – Zanna Sound.


Today, Zanna Sound has international recognition. In 2012, its CEO was the first professional to present Sound Branding at the Cannes Festival of Creativity in France.

The following year, the agency won the award for the Best Sound Branding Case from the Audio Branding Academy (ABA), based in Germany.