Zanna agency is a Sound Branding business company pioneer in Brazil and Latin America. We are the first Sound Branding agency to work on a strategic sound experience for Brazilian retail (Music Branding). In a more up-to-date version, we call our material “affection marketing”, as it establishes an affectionate connection between brands and the audience. We create the Sound Branding and Music Branding strategies for companies through tools such as music theme, sound logo, brand voice and carefully curated ambience applied on all communication. This way, the brand can be quickly recognized online as well as in physical stores.

Zanna talks about the agency

"Music creates intimacy between brands and people"

Sound Branding

As innovation arises from a collective need, Sound Branding ideas were born into the internet age with a focus on brand management, in order to meet the new cognitive strategies for business and advertisement. Far beyond the good old jingles, many of them still memorable in advertising, brands nowadays need to distinguish themselves amid the profound stimuli existing on the net. Using Music Branding research, we create guidelines that drive the creation of an unique sound trademark.


  • Brand Workshops
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Archetype
  • Sound Brand
  • Music Theme
  • Sound Logo
  • Brand Voice
  • Verbal Tone
  • Sound Branding book
  • Strategies
  • Trails and Spots for Advertising
  • Audio Branding
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Landscape
  • Podcast
  • Messages
  • Voiceovers
  • IVR (phone waiting)
  • Ringtone
  • Kit Events
  • Vignettes
  • Sound for Website
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  • Dissemination Workshops
  • Training Workshop
  • Sound Help
  • Motivational lecture "Sonorous Life"

Music Branding

Surely, you’ve left some store, restaurant or any public environment because the music there was unpleasant. Sound is everywhere and it can attract or repel us even if we aren’t conscious about it. Our agency diagnoses the companies, analyzes their competition and translates their brand personality into attributes. This research creates guidelines and strategies for the ambience curatorship used in stores and customized radios which, in addition to the musical content, convey sound content that is vital for the companies and their partners.


  • Radio
  • Curatorship
  • Ambience
  • Music selection
  • Vignettes
  • Messages
  • Spots
  • Telephone Service
  • Shopping Gate
  • Collection Track
  • Verbal Tone Training
  • Sound Trademark
  • Musical Logo
  • Audio Branding
  • Music Branding

Our history

The agency was founded in 2007 by expert Zanna, the company’s current CEO. Composer, singer and speaker specialized in Branding, she started to explore Sound Branding ideas that could benefit brands and businesses. The maturing of this practice has revealed the gigantic potential that sound can have in establishing connections between people and brands. Our work has positioned Sound Branding, Music Branding and Affection Marketing as essential tools for communication, advertising and brand management.


Aligned with the millennium goals, Zanna agency’s goal is to connect brands with people, shaping the experience in public spaces and changing the cities’ sound landscapes. The large number of projects developed for transportation such as subways, airports and Light Rail shows that we are on the right track (check the What we do area in our website). Our goal is to replicate this revolutionary movement throughout Brazil.


GRU Airport
Metrô Rio
L'Occitane Au Brésil
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Sem Parar


  • Today, Zanna Agency has international recognition.
  • In 2012, our CEO was the first professional to present a Sound Branding project at the Cannes Film Festival of Creativity in France.
  • In the following year, the agency won the award for Best Sound Branding Case from the Audio Branding Academy (ABA), based in Germany.


What’s the difference between Sound Branding and Music Branding?

Sound branding is a tailor-made sound trademark for a company. Through a Brand personality study, we create a set of sound elements such as: musical theme, sound logo and brand voice. Music Branding, on the other hand, is a concept developed to guide the background music selection for stores and other brand venues.

Are Jingles and Sound Branding the same thing?

A jingle exists to serve a product campaign or service. Its language is retail and its duration is equal to the time of that specific campaign. Sound Branding exists to make a brand recognized and to create a long-term affection connection with its audience. Sound Branding emerged to meet the communication and advertising needs of the new millennium.

Why is Sound Branding important?

Sound Branding is important because the lack of brand management in its sound can increase the rejection for the product or the company. How many times have you turned off or turned down the sound on your TV during commercials? How many times have you “skipped” the commercials on YouTube or Spotify? Have you ever left a store because the music was unpleasant? Sound branding creates sensorial links between a brand and its audience, while also managing to connect with the auditory area responsible for specific knowledge.

What is a sound logo?

A sound logo is a 3-second music representation of a brand. It can be used in various areas of publicity: films, spots, videos, vignettes and in all areas of communication utilized for a brand. It's an essential tool in brand management because it's the sole representative in auditory medias and outlets such as podcasts, radio, telephone messages and transport or public area announcements.

How can a brand start the Sound Branding process?

The initial start of a Sound Branding Project starts with a guided study to extract the necessary input for the development of the musical theme, sound logo and brand voice. We then adapt advertising, web and store communications. At the end of the process, we offer workshops about internal and external communication. A sound branding project lasts at least two months, on average, and the music branding can take up to a month.

How to use Sound Branding in advertisement?

Sound Branding can be used in advertisement as much as the visual identity of a brand, giving it a sound identity. This new feature can be applied on film trailers and sound logos, videos and spots, answering services, and the sound design that highlights specific moments. This is also the case with verbal tone and the brand voice.

How can my company benefit from Sound Branding?

Sound Branding can be used by companies through background music played on collective spaces, elevator music, cafeteria music, playlists, virtual communication (intranet) background music, vignettes and background music at internal events, conventions, meetings, ringtones and URA (landlines). It can also be made available for collaborators to use during presentations. These musical inputs create a more creative and productive environment.

How is a sound logo made?

The sound logo is extracted from the musical theme. It is the most striking aspect of the melodic cell made exclusively for the brand. It could also be an independently produced music theme. In both cases, the sound logo is created from personality attributes that align with the results from the consumer brand workshop.

How much does a sound logo cost?

The cost of a sound logo depends accordingly on the study, complex musical production, materials and time spent. For more information, you can contact us at:

Can I register my own sound logo?

Yes, nowadays it is very easy to register your own sound logo. The application on digital media or even sending an audio file with the sound logo phonogram are considered sufficient proof that the work exists, which allows an automatic registration.