We are Sound
We are what we hear
We are what we resound
We are the hunted
We are the hunter

When we think of nourishment, we think of food. Our whole body prepares to break down incoming information (in the form of proteins). The ancestral memory, etched into our unconscious minds signals: Survival! Our most primitive instinct. However, when examining this more carefully, we realize everything is in fact food. Food is energy, and energy is life, everything around us is a factory for the production and exchange of energy, whether the energy we expend or that we store. But what if we go beyond the survival instinct? Can emotions and ideas become a form of nourishment? What if we were to consider sound as a source of energy the soul embraces to receive, process, break down, and transform into energy and life, through the emotions it triggers?


The whole universe is hungry for energy. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons that interact and generate energy. These become molecules and increasingly larger structures which, through interlinking networks, form cells that store energy and become everything that exists. All structures seek stability. Over millions of years, this is how stars are born, explosions that generate worlds. This whole process of constant fusion creates heat, high vibration and pressure that leads us to transform constantly.

The process of break down generates vibration. It therefore follows that the energy generated by the process of breaking down food is sound itself, that which provides us with life-giving energy.

 Atom - structure - stability - pressure - high vibration (frequency / sound) - heat - fusion - transformation

Frequency waves and polarity arising from the interaction between positive and negative. The force of the vibration strings and magnetism which bind the positive and negative poles. Movement and change which separate the polarities, releasing an enormous tension we call energy.

All energy is created by separating or splitting atomic structures. Our energy generation process involves separating and breaking down every particle contained in the food we eat. The digestive system is equipped to perform this task. We go through a complex process so  the blood can ultimately transport and deliver the glucose from an apple to its rightful owner, for example.

Separating and digesting the words and sounds we emit is a long, ongoing, daily process. In order to digest information, it must be processed little by little, breaking it down into parts to assimilate and integrate it.

Processing, separating, scrutinizing, understanding, and searching. All sounds help us transcend from the primary state of survival, allowing us evolve as a species to reach more subtle levels of perceiving reality, dimensions, our own world and other worlds that coexist in the system we live in.


Our words/sounds build realities around us as they attune our affective faculties to the wave frequency. In the infinite capacity of manifesting from the universal mind, energy finds many ways to propagate and expand. The digestive system is the echo of the system of creation, while the voice, words and sound are the key, a tool for creating which manifests our personality and the paths in life we forge.

We travel a path of enlightenment at each meal, from mouth to excretion. And everything becomes energy and frequency. The same occurs with the sounds absorbed throughout our existence. Upon reaching our ears, the sound is processed by our brain and transformed into electrical impulses that give rise to emotions, to then become absorbed by the meanderings of our hearts and soul, inspiring us in myriad ways to create more energy, food and life. Frequencies that will attract more situations and experiences into our lives.

We are what we hear.
We are what we say.
We are food.
We are eaters.
We are Sound!

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