Sound Branding is about affection. Music is a great carrier of affection and organizes its transmission, it creates and condenses energy from the creativity and artistic quality of the composition. After all, excellence and care in production are Sound Branding’s principles to fulfill its vocation of communicating affection and establishing a network of connections with people.

In the near future, Sound Branding will assert itself among the behaviors that integrate a new way of being on the planet. Circumstances in all corners of the Earth are signs that we need to change, and we are changing. Changing our relationship with the environment, with native people, with different groups besides straight white men, with religions changed. Everything is being re-discussed in global movements. I see Sound Branding in this context and based on these new demands. Sound is a bridge that connects our entire body and our emotions. Try to remember how many times you’ve been moved by a song. And have you ever heard that we are 70% water, the best sound conductor?


I can say that the relationship between managers and corporate decision-makers with sound is also improving. Brands who uses Sound Branding as a tool have understood the need to establish a real connection with their audiences. And that translates into real music, composed to incorporate concepts and sensations, something very far from the catchy songs made to stick in people´s ears. Yes, because we need a lot more than catchy jingles. We no longer connect with selling for the sake of selling. The connection is now with values and affections.

Sound Branding ‘s ability to access these new “places” can be seen in the daily coexistence of subway users in Rio de Janeiro, some lines in São Paulo City, and the airports. Sound Branding pieces created for these contexts help affection to emerge, redefining and improving the public transport experience.

The next step is for the strategic executives of corporations to awaken to the concept that affection is the great insight of this moment at all levels. As we say, something that goes far beyond marketing. Those who look to the future only in numbers will find it difficult to deal with change. But anyone who perceives the high sensitivity of this tool has already understood that Sound Branding is a good investment, capable of fluidly transmitting the company’s values.


Sometime from now, people will gladly listen to brand music on streaming services (like Spotify) or future music distribution channels. It already happens with the themes of MetrôRio, Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo and a few more songs from Sound Branding projects made for brands to appropriate the sound spaces where they transit. Users become listeners and are impacted by the experience even from the distance. This is connection and affection.

The sound and the silence