Just as I love to sing, I also like the taste of written words. Welcome to a place where I will propose dialogues about what I think and observe, about music, sound, communication, people, cities, the visible and the invisible.

I learned that, more than any other activity, music training has the power to stimulate the synapses and connections between the left and right sides of the brain, awakening subjectivities. This encourages our power to make new relationships between everything that exists, to broaden our vision and to make people more empathetic. During my professional life, I have met and read about many significant entrepreneurs and leaders who have some musical ability – play an instrument, sing or compose. Some of them even have professional training in this field.

It makes a lot of sense to me. The exercise of music has offered me points of view that go beyond borders. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been composing and writing more than ever. The quarantine is eye-opening for everyone and, in particular, for the unsuspecting, who can realise that life is not about waking up, running, working, eating, sleeping, waking up, running, working, eating, sleeping, battling to be someone. We started looking around with unprecedented strangeness, observing the forest, the animals occupying the empty streets, the seas, the changing air quality, the decreasing pollution layers, and something very strange in the air. The invisible sent us a message saying that we are in a great musical where we can choose the roles we want to play.


In April 2020, I composed the song “Quarantena” (Quarantine), which says: “There are many mysteries that I don’t know how to tell, but there is something strange in the air. I only know the feeling, I only know dancing, there is no future verse nor verse for the last month. The clock has stopped, there is no turning back, the Earth is in transition, immense fluctuation”.

After that moment, when invisible showed itself so shamelessly even to the biggest of unbelievers, I feel free to approach any topic by joining intuition, insight, tradition, ancestry, science, perception, and anything else I find relevant. No more separation!


With this freedom, I want to bring here, to discuss, questions that are present in my art, in my way of living at sea and on land (at 40 I became an avid surfer) and also listen to yours. I think, for example, about how sound can help us as a species and what its role would be at this moment, when airbusses’ flights began and companies have taken off for space colonization.

The reality is that these unprecedented situations brought by the pandemic strengthened my desire to think of ways to live and create at this moment, which combines the most serious humanitarian crisis experienced by Brazil, but also the need for a major global realignment. To solve problems beyond borders, save the planet and our future generations.

As we are interdependent, I want this to be a space for conversation and collective creation. Let’s imagine the new possible world together?

Infinite Sound