The Silent Presence

A Brazilian private mining, metallurgy, and technology company and a world leader in niobium technologies and products, located in Araxá, State of Minas Gerais, CBMM (Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração), approached us to develop its Sound Branding. In the development of the brand’s sound identity, we ended up with a sound strategy: Musical themeSound Branding, Voice of the Brand, and several model applications to bring these elements to life in the day-to-day of the brand.

Zanna talks about CBMM


"Our brand is deeply connected with music, and for us, it makes complete sense to develop Sound Branding. Today, we have a sound that precedes us and helps us strengthen relationships."

Fernanda Cursino

Communication Manager at CBMM

CBMM operates outside the Rio-São Paulo axis, allowing us to access different perspectives and understand diverse needs. Consequently, we continue planning the next steps of the project. In the first phase, Deep in Sound, we defined its sonic attributes. They are:


Musical Theme and Sound Logo

We left the first workshop with the working group convinced that the theme would have a pop touch. But what pop would that be? What elements would the music have? So we went to the second workshop with working group where we listened to music, chose the ideal rhythm, the harmonic environment, the emotions we wanted to provoke in our audience, what kind of melody and what ingredients, meaning instruments, would be important to have in the dish we wanted to serve hot and full of flavors.

Based on these attributes, we created and arranged a somewhat progressive POP musical theme with classic elements such as the piano which makes up the main melody, and the Cello, mixed with the steel guitar and the guitars that make melodies and countermelodies. All this in a very affective, emotional, and somewhat 70’s feel. The sound logo is the most striking part of the melody played by the guitar with little distortion and with the drums in the background that convey the solidity of the history of this brand. From Araxá to the world. This expression defines the music and logo we created.

Brand Voice

In a thought exercise to personify the brand, we understand that if it were a person, it would be a 40-year-old man, from Minas Gerais of course, who lives in SP, is cultured, and different speaks languages, interested in business and technology. Nothing so out of the ordinary, however, this profile helped us define the style of the brand’s voice.

Sound UX

The musical theme, sub-themes (such as harmonic theme, rhythmic theme, background theme, and melodic theme), the sound logo, and brand voice, are being widely applied in all institutional and product films, for the recognition of its audiences and its community of partners.



Brand workshops
Musical theme, Sound logo and Brand voice
Sound UX
Tracks for movies and spots, event kit


Sound Technician
Ricardo Dias
Drums and Percussionist (Alfaia)
Junior Moraes
Jorge Ailton
Electric Guitar 1 and Guitar
Daniel Lopes
Electric Guitar 2
Maurício Pacheco
Keyboard and Piano
Danilo Andrade
Gretel Paganini
Composition and Direction
Executive Producer
Tati Botafogo
CBMM Marketing
Fernanda Cursino e Gabriela Caparroz