A case of being in the fold

Mirroring the success of MetroRio, employees of ViaQuarto and ViaMobilidade, who operate the São Paulo Subway, asked Zanna Agency to come up with a Sound Branding strategy for the company. Considering the brand management and results found after the brand study, we created a music theme, uniting the rhythm of BeatBox with the elegance of the clarinet, which goes along with relevant information. From this mixture we extracted two sound trademarks: one anticipates operational messages while the other is used for educational messages. Pérola Rodrigues is the brand voice, but that is just the beginning. More subway lines will have Sound Branding in the near future.

Zanna talks about ViaQuatro


"Whenever I visited Rio, I was captivated by its sounds, inspiring a desire to create a Sound Branding project for ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade. Our sound has become a fundamental attribute for our operation. From the voice to the sound cues and music, everything is keenly perceived by passengers. It's nothing but success. I love Zanna Sound."

Juliana Alcides

Communications and Sustainability Manager of ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade

In the realm of transportation, audio information guides people more effectively than written information. The voice, increasingly attributed with the role of navigating both virtual and physical spaces, especially due to the expansion of Artificial Intelligence, has become a powerful tool. Sound Branding has revolutionized the auditory experience in transportation, adding functionality, brand recognition, and emotional connection. Thus, ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade sought out Zanna Sound, eager for an experience that emotionally connects and facilitates communication with users.


Tema musical e logotipos sonoros

The musical theme of ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade brings the groove of the city’s suburbs together with the elegance of the clarinet, an instrument prevalent in jazz and “chorinho.” The aesthetic mirrors the São Paulo metro, blending the tribes of the most populous neighborhoods with the more affluent ones. The sonic logo, played by the clarinet, precedes educational messages, like this example, and the operational logo, featuring a choir singing “tchuruptchu,” introduces operational messages.

Brand Voice, personality and tone

If ViaQuarto was a person, she would be a 35-year-old woman from São Paulo, cultured, independent and, at the same time, accessible and kind. The process of casting a voice that harmonized these qualities brought us to Pérola Rodrigues, who taped all the messages for Lines 4 and 5 of Sao Paulo’s subway. We also altered the speaking mannerisms for the brand voice and tone, allowing the messages to be more forthcoming and contemporary, as required by the company. See the difference:

The old model:
Holding the doors causes delays and affects the circulation of all trains. The train will not leave the platform as long as the doors are open.

Our way:
Passengers, please, do not block the train doors. This will make your trip, and everyone else’s, much faster. Thanks!


Sound UX

After crafting and implementing Sound Branding, the subway and train lines served in São Paulo embraced a positive sonic communication that enhances the flow in their spaces. Consequently, they began connecting with people in a more authentic manner. The brand’s sound, adopted in stations and trains, is also featured in the fixed telephony (URA) and certain advertising films. Humanizing communication in these mediums has transformed users into fans, marking our greatest achievements: informing, guiding, assisting, but also resonating, enhancing the quality of the sound experience, and fostering genuine connections.


brand and broadcasting workshop
music theme, sound logo concept, brand voice, tone and personality definition.
Sound UX
informative messages on trains and at stations, as well as parts for advertising.


Daniel Lopes
João Viana
Emerson Mardhine
Rodrigo Tavares
Miguel Bestard
clarinet/ arrangement
Rodrigo Shá
beat box
Fábio Carrão
brand voice
Pérola Paes
composition, choir and direction
executive producer
Tati Botafogo
Marketing Management ViaQuatro e ViaMobilidade
Juliana Alcides