Soundtrack of the City

Practically, all Cariocas that ride Rio’s subway can hum its music theme. They know the sound logo effect and hear themselves in the brand voice. She speaks with an accent, she’s friendly and laid back. There is no doubt MetroRio became a more attractive environment after our branding with sound, which started in 2011. These are the effects of what we call affection marketing.

Zanna talks about Metrô Rio


"I had never had such a profound experience with a partner and with an execution so impeccably delivered. The sound of the Metrô is poised to become a significant case."

Mônica Lamas

Marketing Director at MetrôRio

Rio, 40 degrees, a city full of people. The music of Baroque Vivaldi echoes throughout Rio’s subway stations. The project of creating a Sound Branding identity for a transportation company emerged in this context. The study we did revealed four personality attributes that are fundamental for a brand:


Music theme and sound logos

The four attributes laid the foundation for the creation of the musical theme and the three sonic logos that precede operational, institutional, and attention messages. It worked so well that the music – MetroRio Theme – went viral during the pandemic, with over 1,500 videos created on TikTok and an average of 50 million views across all media. It became a trend at graduations and formed the basis for city dance groups’ passinho. Examples of affectionate marketing – a heartfelt connection between people and the brand through sound.

Brand voice and verbal tone

In a cold and mechanical setting, the warm brand voice of MetrôRio, which speaks in the same accent as the citizens, quickly became a companionship for Cariocas. “At first, I thought it might be risky to occupy this place, but I rose to the challenge and today I love being the voice that drives the journey for thousands of people”, said Zanna.

We trained the drivers to speak as if they were airplane pilots in order to create an alignment between the verbal tone and the brand voice of Rio’s subway. It was so successful that several of them were featured in newspapers for using phrases such as: “Good morning! I hope all your dreams come true.”


Sound UX

Sound branding resonates through every facet of MetroRio, from the train announcements and stations to the URA (fixed telephony), films, advertising spots, and the closing of doors. We pioneered the first sound landscape in Brazil, blending the sounds of Rio’s forests with segments of the musical theme and sonic logos. This orchestration envelops the stations with four hours of nature and music. Whether purchasing a ticket at the machines or at the ticket counters, commuters also encounter the sound design we crafted to facilitate navigation, enhance the purchasing experience, and the sonic brand created to call the next person in line.

Research (Troiano Branding Group)

  • 380 users over the age of 18.
  • 60% of respondents said the second most perceived change was sound.
  • 81% of respondents said they liked the brand's voice or liked it a lot.


  • 2012 – Zanna was the first one to present a sound branding business at the Cannes Film Festival of Creativity in France.
  • 2013 - In November, the project won the award for Best Case by the popular jury at the 5th Edition of the Audio Branding Academy (ABA), held in Moscow, Russia.


Brand workshops
Music theme, institutional sound logo concept, operational sound logo, announcement sound logo examples, subway voice, sound design for logo and Sound Branding book.
Sound UX
Messages on trains and stations, vending machine, ticket office, sound landscape of stations, call waiting, sound on the web, spots, movies and ringtone.


Vittor Santos
Flute and flautin
Lena Horta
Drums and percussion
Carlos Cezar
Bahian guitar, steel guitar and rabeca
Marcos Molleta
Electric bass and fretless
Emerson Mardhine
Composition, direction, arrangement and brand voice
Executive producer
Tati Botafogo
Marketing MetroRio
Simone Spfeil