Vivo, very much alive

The Vivo brand has conquered the Brazilian ears! Vivo started off as the first mobile company to have a sound trademark and Vivo’s Sound Branding is now a nationally known network. The sound logo concept is strategic in brand management, especially in the midst of chaotic communication from operators. In addition, the music theme became a hero at events and during customer service. We also created attribution model tracks for advertising: Institutional, Sensitive, Comical and Smart. The project creation process was unique and its results too.

Zanna talks about vivo


"Music has the power to enchant and connect people more than any other language. Vivo, in promoting connection in all its endeavors, could not overlook this aspect in the brand development work."

Cristina Duclos

Image and Communication Director

The project began in 2013. Zanna Agency and Vivo’s marketing had a Music Branding strategy to strengthen the company’s affective bond with the audience. We personified the brand as a trendy 30 years old man. His personality characteristics inspired our musical creation. He is…


Music theme and sound logo

Vivo’s music theme has the enthusiastic tribal percussion rhythms of Sané, a New Guinea artist based in Lisbon. The chords deliver transformative and positive emotions all the while a foundation melody is played on the piano. As a sort of freedom cry from the crowd, a chorus of Brazilian voices sings “Oh Oh! Oh Oh! Vivo!”, which was also part of the matrix for the sound logo concept.


As we finished the project, the client asked how to manage the sound trademark strategy in advertising and communication. We answered in our favorite way: creating. We recorded three more tracks that exemplified the music theme applications in advertising: Institutional (a cut of the original musical theme); the Comic (animated themed version with rhythm); the Intellect (more electronic) and the Sensitive (a different melody on top of the musical themed cords, sung in English by the marvelous Blubell). And that’s how we proved Sound Branding ideas and strategies could integrate the various territories of Vivo’s communication and advertising.

Music Branding

After Vivo’s Sound Branding was published, we started working on a Music Branding strategy focused for the physical stores, curating the ambiance sound for the units. To establish the sound design for the brand, we traveled 11,000 kilometers, went to 7 cities and 10 stores. We talked to 65 consumers and 50 employees. We considered the different profiles of each region and respected their musical personalities. The 320 Vivo stores, spread throughout Brazil, were initially awarded with Music Branding. Our musical curatorship is also part of the franchise portfolio.



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Cláudio Carvalho, Késia Estácio, Jessica Ramalho e Jefferson Rocha – coro Blubell
Sergio Morel
guitar, steel guitar and banjo
Rodrigo Suricato
Alberto Continentin
african percussion, berimbau and cuíca
Carlos Cesar
keyboards and string arrangement for orchestra
Maycon Ananias
compositions, basic arrangement and direction
executive producer
Tati Botafogo
marketing director
Cris Duclos