How Can Sound Branding Help Your Brand?

Also known as “sonic identity,” Sound Branding is an essential tool for bringing your brand closer to its audience and ensuring it is recognized solely by sound. But before we delve into its benefits, let’s learn a bit more about it.

What is Sound Branding?

Sound Branding integrates sensory marketing and is used to ensure instant recognition of a brand, product, service, or company through hearing. It can be applied to all auditory touchpoints where the brand interacts with its customers.

Some examples of Sound Branding usage include sonic logos in advertisements, film soundtracks, radio spots, voiceovers, telephone systems, product sound design, verbal tone, jingles, events, physical or digital stores, social media, presentations, and every step of the brand’s digital presence.

"What we now refer to as user experience or UX. The more it is applied and reproduced across different touchpoints with the audience, the more it will be recognized."

A practical example is what we accomplished with the Sound Branding of São Paulo International Airport (GRU Airport): from the sonic logo that precedes all broadcast messages to the brand’s voice gracefully guiding the way, and the musical theme that marks travelers’ experience, the sonic identity of Guarulhos Airport, Gru Airport, accurately conveys its personality.


Brand Recognition and Identification

One of the key advantages of Sound Branding is to make your brand recognizable by its sound — its sonic logo, musical theme, soundtracks, brand voice, verbal tone, or even a simple jingle.

This connection can be activated in less than three seconds or every time you arrive at a subway station, for example, and hear that familiar voice associated with that place and experience. The sound is imprinted in the memory and hearts of those who hear it. This is the case with MetrôRio.

This fosters a sense of closeness with the brand within the public (the customer). The sound sets the tone for what is being communicated, stimulating moments of joy, fun, excitement, euphoria, tranquility, peace, and relaxation.

Emotional Memory, Connection, and Proximity

Once the audience associates the sound with the brand, it becomes imprinted in their memory and creates an emotional bond. For example, when receiving a push notification on their mobile or tablet, Sound Branding can evoke a sensory connection between the person and the brand or its product.

This proximity can be built through sound and benefit the relationship with the customer, creating an experience that positions the brand in a more special place than its competing products when it comes to decision-making, conversion, and fostering repeat purchases.

Implementing Sound Branding in a physical store can also create the feeling that when entering the brand’s universe, the customer has a genuine sensory experience, generating positive memories. This influences their mood, making them more relaxed, receptive, and open, ultimately defining the rules at the time of purchase.


Adding Value to Your Brand

Sound Branding, when created in harmony with the brand’s values, mission, and identity, demonstrates that it is thoughtfully managed with a clear method and defined vision. It adds value to the product and the consumer’s experience.

This advantage can benefit both small and large companies alike. The combination of seriousness with informality and joy in the presentation confers credibility, comfort, and a sense of trust to the customer when making their purchasing decisions.

This influences how they think, feel, and act regarding the quality of products, services, experiences, prices, and materials offered.

Automatically, this added value also impacts the profitability of the company and how it is perceived in the market, by the public, competitors, or investors.


Just as the visual logo becomes forever associated with a brand, Sound Branding also becomes an inseparable element. Similar to how we have a name and other attributes associated with us that make us recognizable to others, it becomes a significant identifier of the brand in terms of hearing.

Sound Branding becomes an inherent element of the brand’s presence and will last as long as the brand does. It is not merely a tool for a specific advertising campaign with a predetermined lifespan but rather a constant presence wherever the brand exists. As such, it becomes a fundamental and enduring element.

Now that you understand the importance of Sound Branding and the benefits it can bring to your brand, take the opportunity to explore our work, learn more about Zanna agency, or get in touch with us. Let’s exchange ideas and embark together on the creation of this fantastic, creative, and exciting endeavor: the creation of your brand’s Sound Branding.

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